During our 12 years of hosting web sites for customers all over the world, we never stop improving our service and making our customers lives easier.

We've developed a live support and training system for our worldwide clients they can access 24 hours a day. This gives them instant solutions and support through text chat and real time streaming video and desktop sharing. This evolved in to what is now GVO Conference. What we quickly realized is that other conferencing solutions were missing a key element in their service...

Yes there are other systems for the hearing impaired but they are not considered a business solution nor can you put money in your pocket for referring any clients. With over 6 years of constant develop and feedback from our customers, we are providing the perfect solution for the hearing impaired. Real time sign language communication is easy with our fast text chat and crystal clear real time video.

Now you might think...what sets GVO Conference apart from any other hearing impaired telecommunications system?

  • GVO's new system allows sharp, fast streaming video. Streaming video will enable the hearing impaired to not only text chat amongst each other, but to actually use sign language during a broadcast and stream the real time video to anyone, anywhere in the world with up to 500 attendees.
  • You will be able to display up to 4 users at one time for total video sign language communications.

The hearing impaired is now able to work, train, and collaborate in real time anywhere in the world on a massive level. No matter where you are in the world, the conference room interface also allows you to choose your reading language of choice.

One other great option that GVO conference offers…

We allow you to become an affiliate for this Global product. Unlike many other communication systems, GVO conference will pay you for each paid referral brought in to GVO. Giving you the ability to turn this great system into a very profitable home based business. Because we've been in business for over 12 years, we are able to provide the finest communications system to the hearing impaired, and we look forward to serving you.